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Superior Quality

Engine Oil


Mitsubishi Forklift GOLD CI-4/SL engine oil operates under extreme service conditions and maintains proper viscosity. It is designed o give extra protection and keeps engine clean for a longer period. Mitsubishi Forklift GOLD CI-4/SL is specially formulated to resists wear, extreme pressure and excessive temperature.

Ultimate engine cleanliness. Lowers exhaust emission. Excellent projection under heavy duty usage, against wear, rust and corrosion. Effective control over high temperature piston deposits. Prolongs engine life.

Premium ATF

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Excellent performance outstanding protection. Mitsibishi Forklift Trucks Premium ATF oil formulated to meet the viscosity and frictional requirements for positive clutch pack engagement. It provides superior wear protection for all range of trucks which can contribute to long transmission life.

Viscosity retention. Protects components from attack by harmful corrosive acids. Excellent friction and thermal stability.


Hydraulic Oil

Mitsubishi hydraulic oil AW32 is premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oil which is formulated with premium low zinc additives, possesses excellent oxidation stability, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties.


  • Outstanding wear, rust and corrosion protection

  • Long life for hydraulic system components

  • Superior oxidation stability

  • Excellent filterability

  • Good foam resistance

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forklift engine oil
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