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The forks are long extensions (like arms) that are attached to the carriage. They are used to support the load from the bottom. They come in a range of widths, lengths, and sizes to suit different purposes.

Fork Extension

Fork extensions, sometimes called ‘slippers’, are attachments that are sleeves that fit over the forks to extend their length. They make a forklift more versatile and are designed for light, bulky loads.

They are usually limited to 1.5-1.67 times the length of the forks they are fitted to and the inner width should be no more than 50% more than the width of the original fork. Extensions are designed for occasional use only. By fitting the forks, the forklift’s capacity is de-rated. If your requirements are for longer forks all the time, it’s better to purchase a forklift that comes with longer forks rather than using slippers.

forklift fork
forklift fork extension
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