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K-LIFT INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION belongs to the umbrella of Kilton Motor Corporation Group of Companies. KILTON MOTOR CORPORATION was established in 1986. Since then, it steadily grows and embarks its name in the industrial industry. It continuously diversifies its business by providing the Philippines with quality products and services, in terms of Power Generation, Construction and Mining Equipment, Warehouse and Material Handling Equipment, Commercial and Utility Trucks, Motorsports Event Organizing, and Distribution of Motor Racing Equipment, Golf Cars and other Racing Accessories.

On the year 2002, K-LIFT Industrial Corporation was born as Kilton’s material handling subsidiary and is duly registered Philippine company. K-Lift is the exclusive dealer of Mitsubishi forklift trucks, MLIFT warehouse products and genuine Mitsubishi forklift parts in the Philippines. Our vision is to be the preferred provider of material handling solutions. Our mission is to delight our business partners through material handling solutions that are reliable and supported by a committed team that is geared towards customer satisfaction.

We offer only reliable quality products and services to our customers and pursuing excellence in all aspects of our operational activities. Our Values of continuous improvement, delivering uncompromised results with complete discipline ensures that “once our customer, always our customer”.


Our principal, Mitsubishi Logisnext Asia Pacific PTE. LTD. (MLAP) recently introduced the Service Management Program (SMP) certification to all its Asia-Pacific dealers. The program aims to improve overall product support operations in the MLAP appointed dealerships.

The certification comprises three (3) levels of certification which a dealer can achieve in phases. Silver, Gold and Platinum with a total of 78 improvement activities/areas for maintenance and improvement. Once a dealer is given a certification, a 2 year period commences and the dealer should maintain its current level and aim for the next level of improvements.

The Silver level has 17 areas of considerations, Gold has 55 and Platinum has 78 being the highest. A dealership is given 6 years to attain the highest certification because a lot of internal changes/improvements and measurements has to be complied before the certification is awarded.

Last October 2019, KLIFT INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION was awarded with the SILVER certification given by Alain Chong for compliance of the 17 improvement areas. KLIFT was able to attain the certification in the span of 10 months with hard work and continuous monitoring of the activities involved. The overall team leader for the program is our Technical Advisor, Andrew Magracia and ably supported by all department supervisors and heads.

Congratulations to the KLIFT TEAM and the next goal is to GO FOR GOLD!

silver award
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