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THE BEST FORKLIFT TRUCKS DESERVE THE BEST BATTERIES.  Forklift Dealer designed to meet your business' demands, including multi-shift (24/7) operations, without the need for spare batteries. Our high-performance li-ion battery system is up to 40 per cent more efficient than for sale lead-acid counterparts. Plus, its virtually error-proof, thanks to its ultra-low-maintenance design which prevents cell damage.

Mitsubishi Brand Electric Forklifts Trucks. models deliver robust, precise high-performance, indoors or out. Advanced systems ensure their intuitive operation stay productive on the longest shifts and their comfortable working environment helps to counter operator fatigue.

A Strong performer, built tough to last longer - 44kW Diesel Engine. inside every Clasidia diesel forklift truck is beefy 44kW engine. Which makes for strain-free performance and allows high lifting and travel speed for all operations. Clasidia gasoline forklift trucks are equipped with the renowned K25 dual fuel engine. With the flexibility of either using gasoline or LPG that is forsale in the market.

Mitsubishi Forklift Dealer Trucks. Possess the world class standard to offer you the remarkable operating experience. Excellent lateral stability, magnificent robust structure and the ability to exercise strength. To perform in any condition are the distinctive qualities that define mitsubishi trucks to be probably one of the best forsale forklift in the logistic world.

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