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Gasoline forklift

Gasoline Forklfit

Setting new standards for IC engine cushion tire counterbalance forklift trucks, the FGC N series from Mitsubishi has been developed to help your driver achieve maximum productivity. Packed with advance features, it offers an unbeatable combination of best performance, ergonomics, safety and economy.

sit on reach trucks
Sit-on reach Trucks

RBF-CA Series, one of the most reliable and versatile trucks in the industry that perform without compromise in its best standards.

reachtruck rbs

Stand On Reachtrucks

RBS-CB electric reach truck is designed to deliver what you need, every day, every shift. Outstanding features - including energy efficient AC Power traction and hydraulic motors, regenerative braking system, performance mode setting and on-board diagnostics are built in and configured to your best performance needs.

Diesel Forklift

diesel forklifts

The Clasida forklift truck offers growing business the productivity boost of machine-powered loading, moving and unloading of materials

Thanks to the Clasidia's straightforward layout and design, operators will benefit from more headroom, legroom and visibility in the cab. Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks' commitment to quality and reliability means the Clasidia will continue to be a good return on investment for years to come.

battery forklift

The Mitsubishi FB-CB Series electric  forklift truck is powering the way forward in logistics excellence. With load capacities of 1.0 ton to 2.5 tons, this new generation electric truck is equipped with best innovative features that simplify the movement of goods.

big tons forklift
Battery Forklift
Heavy Tonnage Forklift

This impressive forklift truck promises unrivalled excellent performance in harsh outdoor environments subjected to changing seasons and inclement conditions.


Diesel Forklift Philippines

Diesel Forklift Philippines

Battery Forklift Counterbalance

Battery Forklift Counterbalance

Gasoline & LPG Forklift

Gasoline & LPG Forklift

Heavy Tons Diesel Forklift

Heavy Tons Diesel Forklift

Sit-On  Reachtrucks

Sit-On Reachtrucks

All the standard  forklift performance you need for warehouse, manufacturing, logistics and much, much more

K-lift Industrial Corporation forklift truck give you generous standard specification including various features which other manufacturers only offer as costly extras. Our forklift counterbalance trucks ensure productivity, profitability, efficiency and economy for your business needs. Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks are more environment friendly, easy to maintain and enjoyable for your staff to drive.

Planned Forklift Maintenance

Planned Maintenance
Forklift Parts and Services
Get Maximum Forklift Truck Performance and Reduced Operating Costs

How Profit from Mitsubishi Planned Maintenance Program
Precise Maintenance Checklist and Timetable
Under the Mitsubishi Planned Maintenance program, regular periodic maintenance calls are scheduled in advance to avoid unexpected downtime and interference with your normal business activities.
We're there if you need us for an emergency, but our goal is to identify and fix potential problems before they cause major complications.
Personalized Program - K-Lift Industrial Corporation
We begin with an evaluation of your operations including:

  • Current maintenance practices

  • Actual hours equipment is run

  • How equipment is used in your application

We them design a maintenance schedule built around the above evaluation. Mitsubishi Planned Maintenance service helps keep your forklift truck in top operating condition, which result in:

  • Longer equipment life

  • Less machine downtime

  • Greater trade-in value when you sell your forklift truck

Your Best Total Value Maintenance Program
When you choose the Mitsubishi Planned Maintenance program, you are really investing in equipment dependability. Whether your business is large or small or whether you purchase or lease your forklift truck, Mitsubishi Planned Maintenance will ensure that your equipment is operating in peak condition.
Experienced Service Technicians
Mitsubishi Planned Maintenance service technicians are factory trained to assure your forklift truck deliver top performance. Your Mitsubishi forklift truck dealer has invested in the necessary maintenance tools, equipment and expertise to professionally and efficiently maintain your equipment.

Types of Forklifts

  • Diesel Forklift

  • Gasoline Forklift / LPG Forklift

  • Battery Forklift

  • Reach Trucks and Stackers

  • Other Material Handling Equipment

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